Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Sunday Trip Down Memory Lane

Someone once said, 'Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose'. 

I suppose any day can be the right day to relive some old memories, but a long overdue Sunday drive to a place that you spend much of your life growing up, falling in love and raising a family, can be extra special. 
Bill and Bernice Humphrey stand on the steps of the St. Annes Anglican Church, Toronto, where they were married on March 20, 1948.

Bill work at the General Electric Plant on Ward Street Toronto for 44 years. He tries his hand at retirement but soon took a job as a warehouseman at a local Canadian Tire Store. After nearly a dozen years there he finally decided that he would retire.

The old Geneal Electric plant on Landsdowne Ave. The building is now being used by a storage company.

Bill and Bernice lived in this house in the Swansea district of Toronto in the early 1950's. Their son Bill junior was born here and they went through Hurricane Hazel in the house. 

Bill visits the grave of his Mother and Father and his brother George at the Parklawn Cemetery, Toronto.

The house that Bill lived in as a youngster. He lived here when he, as a 15 year old,  was hired on at General Electric. His mother signed the papers attesting that he was 17 years of age. It worked, but unfortunately the  government used the same information and after 6 months at GE, Bill was conscripted. He  went through basic training, even fought a forest fire in Northern Ontario, and was hours away from going overseas  when his real age was discovered. In view of the fact that Bill by this time was considered a fully trained soldier, he was kept in the service for homefront duty.

Bernice at the graveside of her Mother and Father William and Marion Duffy at the Glendale Cemetery, Etobicoke