Wednesday, April 6, 2011

West Toronto

 Sometimes photographing graffiti can be almost as risky as actually creating the graffiti. Much of the 'urban art' is on high walls of buildings, along railway right of way's and often involve climbing over fences or railings or walking into abandoned buildings.  There are guards, dogs and vermin and of course always the risk of being charged for trespassing.

Mural on walls of bridge  near Keele subway station

A lot of the area is controlled by gangs such as the Crips and the Crew. Abandoned buildings near the West Toronto railway are hangouts by gang members and  crackheads.

Billboards such as these are doing nothing to create a family environment.

These apartment buildings are being demolished. The buildings were controlled by gangs and drug dealers. 
A block of old houses not far from High Park are scheduled to be demolished in order to construct a 14 story apartment building.

Getting good photos around here can be bad for your health.