Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Friday Morning Walk

A wandering mallard checks out the candidates

Some of the flowers on the Professor's Lake trail

Professor's Lake Trail

Professor's Lake Trail

It took me  a couple of dozen pictures before I had a decent shot of this Cormorant

Red Winged Blackbirds tend to be bit nervous but somehow I lucked out and managed to get this shot.

This impressive Temple is located in on Bramalea Road in Brampton on 13 acres of land. TheTemple wss dedicated in 1990, and is made of white cast stone. It has 4 ordinace rooms and 6 sealing rooms and has a floor space of 57,982 square feet.
Rear entrance to the Temple and parking lot.

High above the gleaming white temple is the 11 foot high gold-leafed statue of the angel Moroni with his familiar trumpet in hand.

Of course, a Temple isn't quite the same as a church. The Mormon Church is  adjacent to the Temple.

Llewellyn Tail
Water Falls on the Llewellyn Trail

Llewellyn Trail

It was near here on the Llewellyn Trail that a volunteer cleanup crew from a local Hindu Temple discovered a bag that they thought contained a revover. The police were called in and it was discovered that it was a kids toy gun.

The wild Ivy is gradually taking over this old bridge railing.

A pony bridge across  the small creek on the  Llewellyn Trail.