Thursday, April 21, 2011

Family Trees

My Mother's Family Tree

My mother a few years before she passed away November 7, 2009 in North Bay Ontario 
My Grandfather Lawrence and Grandmother Maude Routledge standing. His brother George Alvin "Allie" Bateson and his wife Wilhelmina McGillivray seated. Photo probably from George and Wilhelmina's wedding November 1916.

My Grandparents wedding announcement June 5, 1918 New Liskeard Ontario.

My Grandmother Bateson and her four daughters Lorna, Mildred, Helen and my mother Catherine Elizabeth, the youngest, seated to the lower right. 

Photo taken of my Grandmother around 1954.

My Mother Catherine Elizabeth (second from right) and her sisters.

My father Wilfred Haddow. He married mother Jun 6, 1945. She was 16 years and 10 months old, while he was 30 years  and 8 months old. Because of the age of my mother, the Minister  of her own church in New Liskeard, Ontario, refused to marry them. They travelled 4 miles to the nearby town of Haileybury where they were married at St. Paul's Anglican Church. I was christened in the same church in the summer of 1947. 

My Grandfather Lawrence Bateson was a councillor with Harris Township (Temiskaming District). Prior to 1923 his father George Batson served as councillor and reeve for a short while.

My Grandfather's death announcement.

Henry Routledge

My Great Grandfather Henry Routledge not only served as Town Forman but was also Chief Of Police for the Town of New Liskeard.

Two of the daughters of Maude and Lawrence  Bateson married Brazeau's. Mildred married Marcel and Lorna married Armand.

Brazeau family roots in Canada date back to Nicholas Brazeau and Perette Billard who married in 1662 in Montreal Canada.

The Schnobb roots date back to Conrad Schnobb, who was born about 1755 in Stadtallendorf, Lower Saxony, Germany and married Elizabeth Pfeiffer.

Conrad came to Canada as a Hessian soldier.