Saturday, April 16, 2011

Canadian Malting Silos

Canada Malting Silos is one of two remaining silos in Toronto's Harbourfront. Located at the foot of Bathurst Street at Bathurst Quay (Eireann Quay), the silos were built in 1928 to store malt  for the Canada Malting Company.

Grain elevators  had long been built out of wood, and thus at great danger of fire. The concrete malting towers were a new innovation. A round office was added in 1944 and glass office was built in the original construction in 1928. The main silos, 15 in all, are 120 feet (37 meters) in height and additional storage bins built in 1944 are 150 feet (46 meters) high.

It was abandoned in the 1980s and destined for demolition, but it was designated a heritage site by the city. A group called Metronome Canada hoped to convert the silos into a music museum or theme park. The city of Toronto is also considering it as a location for a municipal history museum.

Demolition of the germination and kiln buildings began early September 2010. The silos will be left standing, eventually being incorporated into future developments on the site. The municipality has not yet decided exactly what will be done with the space once the demolition project is complete.