Saturday, December 18, 2010

Your Birthday

So, on the 21st of December you will be celebrating your birthday. Oddly, my own birthday is the following day.

I thought that you might be interested in these few notes that I've collected.

For starters people like youself born on December 22 are considered as very special to the folks who study the stars and plants. I quote;

"Few people have such power of self-determination as a Sagittarius born on December 21. They can transform themselves from ugly duckling to beautiful swan. When an idea grabs them, they can make their dreams reality. They quickly spot intellectual dishonesty."

And, as you might guess, it does not stop there.

"These men and women subconsciously seek out friends who can give them validation. They seldom become romantically involved with someone who lacks the potential to be a friend. They place great importance on partnership in marriage."

Also on your birthday is the total eclipse of the moon. According to NASA, "if the weather is clear, favorably placed skywatchers will have a view of one of nature's most beautiful spectacles."

You share your birthday with some of the most talented and beautiful people on our planet.

Samual L. Jackson the actor

Keifer Sutherland the actor

Charlie Watts the drummer for the Rolling Stones

Chris Evert legendary tennis player

Jane Fonda actress. Who could forget her in Barbarella? (Not me!)

My birthday, on the other hand, is not quite as wonderful.

Those quacks who spend all their time gazing at the stars and planets (when they could be doing better things) are saying that people born on my date in December are 'arrogant','indecisive' and 'prone to being cranky'. What nerve these people have! I'll write them a letter! Maybe.

And, it does not stop there.

The poster boy for the 22 of December is none other that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. Dont remember him?

He's the 'Christmas Underwear Bomber'.

What a difference a day makes!

Wishing you a happy birthday.