Monday, March 22, 2010

Four generations of Provenchers have worked and raised families in Blind River. My good friend Henri Provencher, who up until recently, operated a discount store in Blind River was born in this house.

He has an interesting story.

During the 1930 depression Henri's mother a devout, church going, catholic woman decided that she would open a tea room in the front of their home as a way of making extra income.
Apparently business was not that great, so the mother decided to advertise. She hung a red railroad lantern on the front porch to attract attention.

When her husband came up the street after closing his butcher shop for the day, he noticed a small group of ladies gathered on the sidewalk opposite his house. As he approached, his greeting was met with silence.

He looked up at the porch lantern and ran into the house. He quickly told his wife what a red light on the front of a house meant.

The poor embarassed woman slipped out on the porch and quickly took down the lantern.