Monday, February 22, 2010

Gord, a fishing buddy, has a somewhat strange sense of humor. He's a pretty good angler and was getting tired of folks asking him what kind of 'spoon' he used. He decided that he would take an ordinary kitchen variety teaspoon, drill a couple of holes in the appropriate places, attach a treble hook and pull it out when the next person asked that tired old question. Anyways, he threw it in his tackle box and one day while ice fishing, perhaps out of boredom, he attached it to his line and dropped it down the hole. Well, you can guess what happened. Gord started catching all sorts of Northern Pike. Well, one day while I was in the midst of a terrible fishing slump, he showed it to me. We had a good laugh and I shook my head and mentioned something about the vicissitudes of life and immediately after getting home began rummaging through my junk drawer looking for an old teaspoon. And that's the story behind how the 'Gordie Spoon'. It has a place in my tackle box and still manages to haul in some nice fish.